Application Development 


emergint’s team has decades of experience working with customers to develop custom applications. From traditional web applications to deployed products to SaaS offerings and mobile applications, we will build a team to deliver the right solution.  

In addition, our development team works with most languages and receives ongoing training to keep up with the industry’s latest trends.  

Agile Development 

emergint developers are accustomed to producing in traditional waterfall methodology and agile environments. Hand in hand with our trained Scrum masters, our development teams work towards POV and iterate against sprints, to deliver on time and on target.  

We deploy teams to handle entire projects or to augment an existing development team to tailor fit solutions for both your business and budget. 

Offshore Development 

emergint believes in the value of offshore development when correctly implemented. Our extensive experience and success with various offshore teams enables us to integrate them within our teams and manage them at a local level when appropriate.  

To our customers, this partnership translates into increased development capabilities, cost savings, and shorter development cycles.


Our offshore teams are based in Germany, Ukraine and Belarus.

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