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JULY 9, 2020

In 1995, Conarc announced their on-premise document management application called iChannel. Developed entirely in FoxPro and shoe-horned into a web-based platform in the early 2000's, it had seen few updates to either the presentation or business services layers since then. Conarc partnered with Emergint to redesign the UI and UX and design an entirely new platform in Microsoft SQL and .NET MVC that would allow their clients to move to a Cloud native platform, but was also containerized to allow on-premise implementations to those not yet comfortable with their data in the Cloud.

Emergint's Agile project managers and UX/UI Design team:

  • Designed a new user experience to bring iChannel's functionality and usability into the 21st century

  • Developed a new iChannel UI consistent with Conarc's updated branding and best practices

  • Developed a full Design Kit with all objects and a plan for development

Emergint set the strategy and experience direction, overhauling our legacy iChannel product to re-launch Conarc as a cloud-native company.”  Meredith Jolly, CEO, Conarc

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